Art Associates of Martin County

                            2020 All Members' Art Show


Steve Landwersiek and Jason Reed

BEST IN SHOW  Holly Cannon
"His Favorite Game"


2nd PLACE  Lois Sommers
"Wave Watching"

1st PLACE  Tom Mayer
"Shepard Park"

3rd PLACE  Dale Forbes
"Walking Thru A Dream"

Honorable Menetion  Sharon McCuen
"Venice - Quiet On The Canal"


1st PLACE  Sally Browning Pearson

2nd PLACE  Marilee Lee
"Pray For The Predators"

3rd PLACE  Barbara Lyons
"Architectonic #1"


1st PLACE  Mary Lou Pults

2nd PLACE  Margaret Gralewski
"Sailing Past The Light House"

3rd PLACE  Carolyn Sadowski
"Waterfall Garden


1st PLACE  Sally Browning Pearson
"Pete's Bait"

2nd PLACE  Sharon McCuen
"Kruger Creek"

3rd PLACE  Carol Sokolowski

Honorable Mention  Lisa Rapp
"Fall Seagrapes"

Honorable Mention  Jim Quinlan
"The Path Home"

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